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Chaos is the Enemy

Unexamined processes create unnecessary suffering.

Poorly designed or outdated software causes needless chaos and suffering.

  • High stress levels for over-worked staff
  • Wasted time, energy, effort finding what you need
  • Duplicate data entry and processes
  • Poor integration with other systems creating extra work
  • Working blind resulting in low confidence with the data
  • Lost opportunities due to poor or inaccurate reporting

We help you move from Chaos to Order, Clarity, Results

What we call the Zen of automation.

Well-designed systems are the best way to eliminate chaos and bring order and clarity to your critical business information.  This is what we excel at.

We use the Microsoft family of products, including Office 365, Excel, Access, SQL Server, and Power BI, to leverage your business for greater impact.

Our process can free up your valuable human resources to do more meaningful and work, helping grow your business, instead of fighting the chaos.

We can quickly identify where existing processes are sub-optimal, recommend short term remedies and, depending on your needs, develop a roadmap for the medium and long term.

Automation doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Often, consultants will propose large, monolithic solutions that are risky, expensive, complicated, and can take years to implement.  Our incremental, phased approach provides immediate returns each step of the way, while we help you plan for your business’s future growth.

How we work

We use a client-centered, collaborative approach, carefully listening to understand your specific problem areas and needs.

Prototypes put you in the driver’s seat. We create prototypes very early on that cost effectively help you better visualize the solution without the cost of completing the full system. They can quickly be changed, based on your feedback, actively involving you in the design process.

The result is a great system, a higher level of ownership by your people, and most importantly, higher productivity and profitability.

We use a pragmatic approach to automation, using a phased approach that prioritizes your specific needs.

This incremental approach gives you control over how much you want to invest in automation while providing tangible results and benefits along the way – minimizing risk, maximizing benefit.

About me

Stephen has been serving the Calgary business community since 2000. He brings over 30 years of experience designing and developing applications that delight his users.

He has built systems in industries ranging from the oil and gas industry, to wholesale sales order processing, inventory management and project tracking, and document management, to name a few.

Stephen’s for passion for building client-centered software and helping his clients leverage their expertise to build elegant and highly effective systems burns as brightly as ever.

In his spare time, he is an avid squash player, runner, cyclist and photographer.

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